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The Settings Area of TextNow Explained!

TextNow Support
posted this on November 09, 2011 11:54 PM

How do I locate the Settings area of TextNow?

While viewing your messages screen you will see four icons across the bottom on the app. You must be in portrait mode for these icons to appear (iPad)

Listing the icons in the screenshot below from left to right they are

  • Settings
  • Profile
  • In-App Store
  • Enflick About Us Page

Select the Settings Icon to access the settings area.


Once you have selected Settings (Gear in the bottom left). You will be presented with the screen shown below.

What can I control in the settings?

Look and Feel

  • Alert Sound - The tone which plays when getting a text message
  • Wallpaper - Changes the wallpaper for conversations only
  • Color Scheme - Changes the app colour appearance
  • Allow Landscape - Toggles if you can turn the device to landscape more or not while using the app


  • Voicemail - Toggles if you have a custom voicemail greeting used when calls are missed
  • Call Forwarding - Enables/Disables Call Forwarding (Pay Feature - Visit in app store for details)


  • Signature - Sets your signature at the end of messages you send (avoid using special characters)
  • Show Emoticons - Toggles if messages will contain emoticons, if set to off smiles will look like this :) 
  • Character Count - Toggles if the app counts how many characters are left out of 160


  • Message Preview - Toggles if pop up notifications contain a preview of the incoming message
  • Email Notifications - Toggles if you will receive copies of SMS messages to your email address

 all settings.png


Where can i find my TextNow Version number?

This next screenshot is the same as above however, It has been scrolled to the bottom of this page to show the Version number at the bottom. As you can see, this is version 4.4.11. For the latest please check your Apple App store and update if available.

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